About Us

Our Team
Our team includes data scientists, engineers, content writers, and designers.

Our Partnerships
We work in partnership with Sokanu – the internet’s largest career advancement platform.

We work in partnership with many industries where people are happy to upload videos about the jobs they are passionate about.

Our Advisors 
We lean on an external team of experts who do big things in psychology, education, career guidance counselling, and technology.

Our History

Founder and CEO of Career Uncover Adriana Silvestre, noticed a pattern when working as a grade 8 teacher for over 10 years helping students in the transition to high school. She realized that whenever students were asked “what do they want to be when they grow up?” the answers where the same year after year. Students career choices are limited by the careers they are exposed to, or careers that are glorified in media. Even when students performed career matching tests based on personalities, the matches didn’t mean much to them as the information is not engaging.

Before becoming a teacher, Adriana worked as a professional graphic and web designer, meeting clients from different industries. She started asking her contacts if they would create a short video for her students to find out about different jobs. Students started to engage, comment on the videos, and ask more questions.

Adriana knows that students learn best when there is constructive learning, and hands-on experiences. The videos provided good exposure for students, but until they try it they would not know if it is a good fit. Career Uncover was born, providing students with exposure to videos about careers in different industries, combined with different career internship simulations.

Adriana partnered up with Sokanu to start this journey, now Career Uncover has access to more than 800 job profiles and videos, uses the latests machine-learning technology prediction engine to provide students with videos and options based on their interests, and has more than 400 internship simulations.

We have more than 20 school districts currently using Career Uncover with their guidance counsellor departments and more than 1000 users. There are already many students who have started their education towards a career found using Career Uncover.

Students career’s choices where limited by

Adriana has a background as a professional graphic and web designer, meeting clients from many different industries.